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Friday, January 15, 2010

indonesia bokep

At last year has changed, and the days go on. I hope the future will be better again. Not like yesterday that was very bad. My days are filled through the ordeal. Even I got trapped in the dark valley. Drugs, drinking, and a woman calls. That's all I do for my ends meet, because I've not got nobody else in this world.

Trus I struggled and struggled for a bite of rice. But I did not realize that everything I did was really wrong. All I think about is making money money and money to fill my stomach, the arena is only with this can I get money quickly without having to work hard. Even I can have fun and find the same satisfaction as I am working. I run this job from the time I was in college at a university in the city of Jakarta. Even I got the nickname "the chicken campus". Since graduating from college I wanted to stop doing this job and I decided to go to the city of Bandung. But what is more the work that I get, just a woman call (bokeep players).

But a few days ago I met a guy that handsome, sweet, tall, muscular, and very rich. When met with him I think to use and drain the property. And I tried to get her acquaintance, he was responding to a call I had with a friendly. He was a young executive who is not married or still own. The next day I take her path and she would, and I invite him to my villa is located in the city of Bandung. There we talked about each of us, I kept trying to change the conversation about sex and she responded well, too. I finally dared to take such intercourse. He was willing, and we do it in the bedroom villa me. And almost every day off of work we're doing it again again and again. Until one day he told me that he loved my self, I was surprised because I actually do this because the only money alone. But for his kindness, I answered "yes I love you too". Eventually he proposed and we got married, because of this incident I was so aware and thinking to stop being a woman calls. And even now I am very happy to have a good husband and do not mind my past is very murky. Finally I could quit and become housewives very happy. Thanks to my husband "Rian Setyoaji".

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