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Sunday, January 17, 2010

cwe mabukan suka seks

Man this middle third just took this girl to go to a disco near the cafe they had. The girls were just accept this man who was with three as well. But Marisa was scared because it had never been with a man the same age as his father. But because of the pressure and Rima Rina Marisa finally was willing, though a bit forced.
Arriving at the disco they immediately drink and dance with this man. Because the girls drink too drunk and they were all taken to a hotel by the ket three men earlier. The girls take turns and raped repeatedly. Pity nasih Blake and Marisa who has never nglakuin it and finally now nglakuinnya though not on their own.
To the next day they woke up and was surprised that they could sleep together in hotel rooms and without clothes (naked). Rina and Marisa feel the pain once and from the vagina still looks red stain of blood used. And they were crying because it was in raped by a man last night. When they wake up they do not see the men they saw last night was some bills for them. They had treated her like a prostitute.

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